.Welcome to Haketsa'akata  - a jewish wedding band        

Haketsa'akata Band is a qualitative orchestra,
directed by the singer&keyboardist Har'el 
The band creates a fine original music, and it is an inexhaustible
source of inspiration for other jewish bands.
We offer something beyond the norm in weddings,
It is reflected not only in music and sound,
but the atmosphere we create, by exiciting and moving performance, the guidance,
the way we flow with the audience and the real joy.

Choosing a wedding band is one of the important decision
for the success of the evening, if not the most important one.
Choosing us - Haketsa'akata Band is the success of your wedding.

The band:
The band includes 4 professional musicians, who play the following instruments:
Singer+  keyboard, elec & acoustic guitars, sax+recorder, drums + djembe
The music:
We play a variety of musical styles: starting with hasidic popular songs such as
Carlebach, Avraham Fried, MBD  and Yaakov shwekey, hasidic niguns, Chabad niguns
through israeli music from all periods, songs in English
from the 60's 70's 80's ,Beatles and much more.  

Contact us:

972-50- 9470000 




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